Video Feedback: Q&A or Project Review (~30 Minutes)

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What It Is

Need actionable feedback on your portfolio or project's content, design, and/or flow?

Have a process or technical question that requires a lengthier (or visual) answer?

I've gotcha covered!

With over 10 years of LXD experience—5 of which I've spent in management roles reviewing others' work—I've developed a fine eye for spotting small details that can make or break a project.

I've also accumulated a lot of random but valuable knowledge over the years, and I'm glad to weigh in on any LXD-related predicament you may be having.

How It Works

You'll select one of two "Choose Your Own Adventure" pathways for this offering. Both are priced the same. (You'll receive an Intake Form after purchase where you'll indicate your choice!)


Consider this an async mentor sesh. You'll provide your questions to me in advance, and I'll record a ~30 min response. This can be used for anything. Here are a few ideas:

  • Process question: Curious about how something works, like how to set up an Asana board for a project or how to work more efficiently with SMEs? Send your Q over!
  • Technical question: I can walk you through how to do just about anything design or dev related using tools like Articulate Storyline, Rise, Camtasia, Powtoon, Canva, and more!
  • Career question: I can provide insight on your current and future career goals, including training opportunities, tools to explore, and more.
  • Personal question: Feel free to get creative with this.

Project Review

In this recorded offering, I'll spend about ~30 minutes screen-recording while walking and talking through a project that you provide in advance. My goal is to provide actionable feedback on ways you can enhance your work!

While my comments will vary depending on the deliverable, here are a few examples of what I'll be considering during my pass:

  • Visual design/layout: Are there formatting hiccups? Margin issues? Alignment problems? I'll be on the watch!
  • UX/UI: How is the interactivity of the deliverable? Are buttons the right place? Do triggers function as they're meant to?
  • Organization and flow: Is there a cohesive sense of organization? How's the hierarchy?
  • Content: Is copy written clearly? Could things be condensed or simplified to enhance the story?

Whenever possible, I try to provide some educational background—the why—behind my comments, along with the recommended fix or edit.

How It's Delivered

I'll deliver the final feedback video as a private Vimeo link for you to reference/review later. I'll send this via email!

When It's Delivered

Here are the standard turnaround times:

  • Normal Delivery: 5 biz days
  • Rush Delivery: 24 hours

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase a package to the right!
  2. After you submit payment, you'll receive a link to an Intake Form, which you'll need to complete to kick off the process.
  3. Sit back and relax!

Want to See an Example?

Sure thing. Here's a quick snippet from a recent review just to give you an idea of type of feedback/style you can expect. This is just a quick sneak peek! Of course, your video will be customized for you. :)

I want this!

You'll get a custom, personalized feedback video chalk-full of insightful commentary, helpful tips, and actionable feedback to help you improve your work!


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Video Feedback: Q&A or Project Review (~30 Minutes)

3 ratings
I want this!